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Observing list for October 2012

Posted by dbock1 on September 22, 2012 at 12:35 AM Comments comments (0)

Thought I'd put up some observing challenges for the month. Most of these will require you to be in darker skies to see them.

1) NGC 891, in Andromeda

2) NGC 7331, This is used as a starting point to hop to Stephans Quintet (~ .5 deg away)

3) NGC 7320, one of the Stephans quintet, for those that use goto's, will be a challenge with anything less than a 12".

4) Some easy one's, the double cluster NGC 869 and 884 in Perseus

5) M31 in Andromeda

6) M33 in Triangulum

7) M57 in Lyra, Ring Nebula

8) M27 in Vulpecula, Dumbell Nebula

9) M76 in Perseus, The little dumbell nebula

10) M15 in Pegasus, nice globular, and will take some power for a great view.

Enjoy, and if you get out this month, maybe put a report up on here of your observations, etc. Just "comment" on this post with your "findings". ;)