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NCO teardown August 4, 2018

Posted by dbock1 on August 5, 2018 at 8:20 AM
On August 4, 2018 we had a crew out to tear down the two observatories here at the Northern Cross Observatory complex. The dome was 40+ years old, and the roll off 34 years old. The dome had rotted away about a decade ago, and was no longer in use. The outriggers of the rolloff have degraded and were at risk of collapsing. The roof itself was getting too difficult to open as well.

So we took them down.

The plan is to have a new one built in a couple of weeks on the old platform, then put the imaging system back into the observatory. The new building will have a powered roof, and hopefully will out last me. ;)

Here is a video of segments of the tear down.


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